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I am a qualified Counsellor living semi-rural in the Selwyn District of Canterbury. Currently caught in a vortex of comedic chaos and youth inducing rage, with our three teenage sons and two crazy little dogs.  My stepdaughter has flown the coop but returns to the nest periodically for home cooked meals, and reminders of why flatting in the city is not so bad after all.

I love to laugh, the kind that hurts your tummy and makes you cry, and have found it to be one of nature’s best medicines.  I am motivated and passionate about striving for life’s balance, ensuring hope remains and that happiness does not fall out of reach, no matter how tough things get.

Our youngest son is intellectually and physically disabled which has not only challenged me more than I could have ever imagined, but has provided me with unique insights that can only be gained by such an experience. During his past 15 years I have met the most incredible children, parents, and support workers who continue to inspire me, making counselling the very best career choice for me.

Choosing the name ‘Good Grief Counselling’ was an obvious choice for me.  I’ve learned throughout the years that no matter what we experience in life that ‘grief’ is inescapable, it finds us at some point, often in multiple ways and showing up in many forms. The loss of any kind (not always through death) can be the cause of grief.  But we can make ‘good’ with it. Learning about how we have coped and what strengths we have developed in spite of it can carry us through future challenges in the best way possible.  Everyone deserves happiness no matter what. You deserve happiness no matter what.

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