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How I work as a Counsellor

I work using a Solution Focused Brief Therapy model. My role as your Counsellor is to provide a safe space and to work with you so that the change you want, can begin to happen immediately.  

It is easy to get caught up and stuck in life’s problems therefore focusing on what is not going well. Instead, our time will be spent determining what you want as a result from our talking.  We will utilise your past and present experiences to discover how you have coped and managed.  This will uncover the hidden or forgotten strengths and skills you have, which will ultimately lead to the changes you want.

This results in getting you to the outcome you want in less time, and for less money. Freeing you to live with the kind of satisfaction you deserve, and as soon as possible.

Many people are put off talking with a Counsellor as they don’t want to talk about their problems but still want to feel better. For you to achieve the changes you want in your life you won’t have to.  That is entirely up to you. For some it helps for others it does not. 

This is an online service and I prefer to use ‘Zoom’ which is similar to Skype, only better. It doesn’t require you to sign up to anything. Your privacy is maintained at all times. However if you prefer any other way I can accommodate you. (skype, facetime, whatsapp, phone call)

I follow the NZ Association of Counsellors Code of Ethics and engage in regular supervision. I am also involved in regular professional development to ensure I keep up to date and strive to deliver you the best service possible.

Who gets Counselling?

The simple answer for ‘Who gets Counselling?’ is…Anyone.  But to ensure your time, money and energy are spent wisely (no one wants to waste any of those things), you want to choose a Counsellor that you’re comfortable with.  It doesn’t matter what style of therapy is used or how you meet, be it online, by phone or in person.  Human connection is where change happens. 

So if you’re looking to bring about change, no matter how big or small, the question is, am I the right Counsellor for you?

I would love to hear from you so you can find out!

Call me on 021 106 7983.


All you need to start moving in the direction that you want, is a wifi connection, a device and an appointment!